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Over the years we have developed a cutting-edge suite of dispatch services to meet the requirements of every driver. Our professional dispatchers employ established relationships with shippers and brokers to get you loads at premium prices. We try to keep your trucks on the road and loaded to deliver you a steady stream of money. Additionally, we plan your drivers’ routes so that they don’t have to drive empty. Our staff manages all aspects of dispatch, including coordination with drivers, route planning and optimization, fee and surcharge management, and contact with the broker and shipper.

Invoicing & Billing

All of our accountants have specialized experience in the logistics sector, and they handle all payments linked to any extra services you have provided, including resolving pay and tax-related issues for your workforce, which mostly consists of your drivers. Utilizing trucking accounting services has additional advantages. Every accounting activity you conduct is totally transparent and in accordance with all applicable state and federal rules thanks to the expertise of our experienced accountants. Last but not least, we keep you fully informed of all your accounting demands while remaining absolutely free following our initial talk.


There are numerous documents that are necessary for conducting a trucking business. The paperwork includes waybills, bills of lading, documents relating to brokers and carriers, customs-related documentation, safety regulations, insurance, driver’s salary, and taxes. As a business that takes pride in providing excellent customer service, we make sure that all paperwork is completed and submitted on time to prevent fines from the government or the authorities. The International Fuel Tax Agreement is a further significant document that we look after. This enables truckers to operate with a single licensee and submit a single report to cover all 48 U.S. states as well as the provinces of Canada.

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